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Olga Turner, Studio Coordinator & Assistant

Q: How has a 6 day a week yoga practice impacted your life and everyday resilience? 

A: Regular 6 days a week practice changed my life on so many levels. It started with a lifestyle change - less partying, more sleep. Almost forceful discipline in the beginning eventually grew on me. With discipline came a more relaxed approach to life. No need to force things or act in a certain way. Just practice and all is coming.

Q: What is your academic background? 

A: BA in Educational Studies and MA in Cultural Studies. I always see the world through a prisme of Cultural Anthropology. Culture does not mean only arts or crafts, it's the whole microcosm around us that has been created by humans. I always see the world through the prism of Cultural Anthropology. 




Kai Maciel, Owner & Director of KY Mysore Program

Q: Why City Heights?

A: After looking around in Barrio Logan and Chula Vista, KY settled in CH where I live.  Ashtanga and yoga practice are generally challenging to find in historically diverse communities, at least  in Southern California. The Studio Lively location offered an incredible opportunity to be of service to my local community.

Q: What is gangster yoga life? 

A: A unique approach to yoga and fitness lifestyle. A well rounded method to optimal health and function through ashtanga asana practice, chanting, personal training and nutrition planning. No fluff. No essential oils infused classes and definitely no "blossoming your anus up toward to Sun". Gangster yoga life is about keeping it 100 with yourself and everyone around you, no matter how close you think you are to samadhi. 

Q:  List 3 things you are also passionate about besides yoga.

A: Organic coffee, Africa and helping others.. Lifting heavy things while listening to the best gangster rap that has ever hit your speaker. 

Olga Turner, Assistant and Program Manager

Olga Turner, Assistant and Program Manager

Troy Alexander Munsey, Guest Teacher  

Troy Alexander Munsey, Guest Teacher